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There are so many good reasons why you should use MF Line Frequency Induction Heating that it will be difficult to list them all.

The rate of heat transferred is greater than with resistance heaters, from the moment of switch on the whole mass (platen or tool) is being heated, as opposed to resistance heaters, (tubular or strip) where the heater has to reach very high temperatures before it can transfer its heat to the main body.
Very little heat is generated in the coils, in fact the coils are only slightly hotter than the whole mass being heated.
By proper proportioning of the primary circuit, (coils), heat can be generated uniformly throughout the platen or tool giving a very good heat profile throughout the mass.
Rapid heating is possible because the energy supply can be several times that necessary to balance the losses, and this loading can be installed without detrimental effects on temperature control.
Because the coils never reach very high temperatures, unlike resistance heaters their working life is infinitely greater.
Platens can be made any size from 5 inches square (10.5cm) to 10 feet by 7 feet (3.0m x 2.0m), from 25 pounds (12kg) weight to above 5 tons (5000kg).
We are experts at providing heat for moulding within a vacuum or contaminated atmosphere. Tubular or strip heaters moulding within a vacuum will become incandescent when the vacuum is released and the red hot heaters are exposed to the atmosphere, as an electric lamp when the glass envelope is punctured.
Quality accreditation to BS-EN ISO9001:2008

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