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MF Induction heating will define, document and maintain a system complying with BS EN ISO9001:2008, capable of producing objective evidence that products and services conform to the specified requirements whether manufactured or processed by the supplier or obtained from subcontractors.

The company shall ensure that essential inspection requirements are determined and satisfied throughout all phases of the work.

The quality manual contains our organisations quality objectives endorsed by senior management.

The manual has been formulated to serve as a reference base for the policy for quality assurance and controls within the organisation.

It is the policy of MF Induction Heating to manufacture and market goods which comply with the customers needs and the designers specifications.

Responsibility for the implementation of this policy has been delegated to the Quality Management representative.

EC Declaration of Conformity

Compliance with the provisions and objectives of this manual are mandatory on all personnel.

The company will monitor the effectiveness of its policy and objectives during regular management reviews.

The following are signatories to this policy statement.


Managing Director :: March 2020

Quality Management Representative :: March 2020

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