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The MF in our company name is an abbreviation for mains frequency. In England we use mains instead of line but it all means the same, you can have all the advantages of Induction Heating without having to use a frequency changer.

The basic idea of Induction Heating is to produce eddy currents within the platen or tool to be heated. Eddy currents in electrical equipment in normal circumstances are to be avoided at all costs, however in our particular instance the more the better.

We start with the basic platen which consists of two ferrous plates, the base plate is a high density casting produced to a very exacting specification and the cover plate is of best quality mild steel. The casting is designed so that it will accommodate copper coils which are fitted in the slots provided, the cover plate is fitted to the casting, thus encapsulating the coils within and providing a complete magnetic circuit. With the application of an alternating current to the coils eddy currents are produced and because of the resistivity of the coil and cover plates the platen becomes hot. This is a very abbreviated explanation of why a platen gets hot but we feel that most engineers will want to know what are the benefits that will be bestowed upon them when they use MF Induction Heating

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