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Originally devised for Plastics and Rubber Moulding, MF Induction Heating coils have been used with great success in other fields i.e. Thermoset DST Tool Heating, Injection Rubber Moulding, Extruder Barrel Heating, Compression Vacuum Moulding and Tool Preheaters.

Apart from General Trade Moulding, MF Induction Heating can be found in the manufacturing process of, Printed Circuit Boards, Buggy Wheels and Tires, Brake and Clutch Linings, Roof Tiles, Plaster Boards, Composite Sink Units, Car Tyres, Carpets, Gaskets, Grinding Wheels, Defence Applications, Medical Supplies, Oil Seals, Packaging Products, Underground Drainage Parts and many, many others.

Our company has been in existence for over 35 years although the partners have 45 years experience in the manufacture of Line Frequency Induction Heating and we are the largest manufacturer specialising solely in Mains Frequency Induction Heating. Over the years we have supplied all of the above Moulders and associated trades with our heating, we have a very contented customer base who are happy in the knowledge that all their heating needs are catered for and that any down time due to heater failure will be at a minimum and that they are using a system that is the Rolls Royce of all heating systems.

Another point of interest is the fact that we only manufacture Line Frequency Induction Heating, we do nothing else, it follows therefore if we were not successful at what we do we wouldn’t still be here after 37 years.

Use us and have a good life!

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